PCH Celebrates its 4th Birthday during its busiest period since opening!

Paul Holmes
3 min readJul 23, 2020

In my previous role I worked closely with businesses, solving problems, which was the inspiration for my business.

A 25+ year background, working for large corporates in Engineering, Operations, Innovation, Projects, Strategy, systems and processes, I was confident that a very broad range of experience and knowledge would serve me well…..

The 4 things I learnt — mostly the hard way

1) A business without a sales process isn’t a business — this wasn’t my area of expertise and it quickly showed — I got help and it transformed the business, sales and marketing is the primary function of a new business owner.

2) A generic business offer doesn’t work from a marketing perspective — identify the key niches to operate in, makes marketing far easier — you still do everything, but customers now have a clearer reason to make contact.

3) Get Help — outsource all the areas of the business you aren’t very good at, as soon as possible. Get a coach or advisor — it will shortcut and avoid some of the painful hurdles.

4) There is no magic wand — no substitute for careful planning and structured hard work, building your profile.

4 years on PCH is thriving, providing NED and Consultancy support as an Associate Director for Inspire, for larger scale organisations, as a coach for the Fearless Business accelerator, that so helped me learn to sell, through my own clients on the PCH Growth and Development programme and recently winning the contract as part of a consortium to run the Oxfordshire Growth Hub business services.

The 4 things that every business should be doing right now

1) Set clear business Goals — set a timescale, workout your strategy, create the plan and go and do it. Write down your goals, get someone to hold you accountable and studies show, that you are 100% more likely to succeed!

2) Know your customer targets — adapt your marketing and messaging to fit — use multiple channels to get your message out — use the Google metrics of 70–10–2 you need 70 points of contact to achieve 10 consultations, to land 2 actual Clients — If you don’t do the 70 you won’t get the 2

3) Know your numbers — build your overheads and costs into your prices and then add your profit margin on top — so many businesses I have worked with including £multimillion organisations have realised very late, that they haven’t made any profits despite working incredibly hard — Revenue is vanity, Profit is sanity

4) Do everything possible to raise your profile, use case studies, blogs, articles and events to get noticed, be very clear who you help, what you do, but mostly, Sell Outcomes.

Here’s to the next 4 years — PCH works with businesses looking to grow or overwhelmed business leaders looking to get control back, through a structured development process, leading to significantly higher profits and time back in the business. If that sounds like you or your business and you would like to have a conversation then contact me on 07715008521 or email me at paul@pchbusinesssupport.co.uk www.pchbusinesssupport.co.uk



Paul Holmes

Runs his own business consultancy, Engineer and Project Manager with corporate and public sector experience — enjoying helping making peoples businesses better