Looks like a Virtual Assistant should be on the PCH Christmas list for expansion in 2020!

Paul Holmes
3 min readMar 24, 2020

2019 has been a big step forward for PCH, and I have loved it! — clearer messaging, narrowed focus and the introduction of a subscription support service for smaller businesses, has been dramatic. Strategically working with a range of business organisations, especially Gloucestershire Growth Hubs, has been a great way to showcase how the business works.

As a result, the client base has been building steadily, with increasing demand from business organisations to work with them more and to help clients grow. Resulting in fantastic feedback and helping that demand further with new exciting projects in the offing.

With the Holiday season approaching, I am becoming conscious of capacity. As an Associate Director for Inspire, working closely with four Growth Hub locations across Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire and a range of clients across the furthest edges of Wiltshire, Somerset, Oxford and Gloucestershire, time, geography and resource limitations mean that all new projects and business needs to be considered carefully and even more smart working needed.

I remember an old mentor saying “Often in life you won’t get the luxury of being completely ready for the next step before you decide to embrace it — it will embrace you and you simply have to cope

For PCH that statement is ringing true. With some exciting and involving projects on the horizon for 2020 and a nice list of clients indicating they are ready to start in the new year, its looking increasingly like help might be needed before I am fully ready to embrace it!

This is a great thing and a mark of how far PCH has matured in the last 12 months and it is not lost on me that it is something I help clients plan for all the time.

Bringing others into the business means having to write down and share what and how you do things. I have been working with the MD of a client company to create a growth and development plan. We had identified that 2/3rd of their day job should really be delegated. I have introduced them to a Virtual Assistant, to add some initial support, processes documented and take some of the burden, especially as they have new premises and a big launch in early 2020 to get excited over!

Not surprisingly the VA has also asked if I might consider needing some similar help. Initially declining, I have subsequently seen the workload steadily increasing through the Autumn which is exciting and amazing, and so it looks like that may well be my path to expansion in 2020 — watch this space!

If you are overwhelmed with work in your business and need some help to define a development plan and look at how your business will grow, so you can focus on the value added and strategic activities — then give me a call!

December 2019

2019 has been a year of development and focus for PCH. Fantastic progress of clients and amazing feedback, establishing a clear reputation for making a difference and for clients to achieve. Being Invited not only to become an Associate Director of Inspire but also to become a Business Advisor for the Oxfordshire Growth Hub, as well as the sold-out work with the three Gloucestershire Growth hubs has been full-on but exhilarating. Launching the monthly support programme for small business has been fantastic with the first batch of clients now completing their initial 6 months and immediately continuing.

2020 has some new very exciting but complex projects being considered and so the year will be a careful balance of filling the remaining monthly support slots and evaluating the right projects and businesses to work with. Growing the support, continuing to raise the profile and expanding the capability of PCH to work with more amazing clients.

2020 will also be an interesting year for business generally. The impacts of leaving the EU under any terms will have effects on business regardless of whether they import/export or not, will provide new opportunities, new requirements for skills and growth but will require careful evaluation planning and strategy — which PCH is well placed to support.



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