Delivering stunning results for larger organisations in 2020 — and a step up again for 2021!

Paul Holmes
3 min readNov 18, 2020

PCH continues to grow in scale and outlook, working with a wider range of associates and resources. The direct impact on much larger clients over the last twelve months has been very exciting.

One of those new clients had previously closed their financial year with an overall loss. Since the point of intervention and working with PCH, they have now seen improvements in a matter of a few months, across all aspects of the business, commercially, strategically and operationally.

By following a systematic development process, they are now seeing an average of almost £100k net profit per month for the last 3 months, with record revenue and profit margins, which is simply stunning. The owner is back on track to regain control, time and their passion for the business.

So, the focus over the last year has shifted to bigger clients, demonstrating impact, improvement and growth. A structured process of setting personal goals for owners, designing the organisation’s point of success and then implementing that design. The ability and experience to provide board level governance and strategic challenge, whilst providing a deep dive into the commercial and operational aspects of the business in a consultancy mode, has had great results.

Client A

“Paul has taken us on a journey, understanding quickly what we do and want to achieve, identifying the challenges and causes almost immediately. He has helped shape the business future, breaking a daunting and overwhelming situation into clear manageable and achievable chunks. Instantly giving the team confidence in success and a renewed passion for it. The team in recent weeks are once again exactly that, a team, taking responsibility and freeing me to add value outside the organisation — the astonishing growth in profitability as a result is almost unbelievable”

Client B

“In recent weeks Paul has stepped into a very challenging situation, whilst helping us to plan structure and growth in a business that has experienced massive and unexpected growth through lockdown. He has helped to manage critical situations within the organisation, bringing calm and considered balance, including to a specific internal challenge, that could easily have brought about the end of the company. Now we are back on track and in the early stages of implementing all the structure and processes, which had been lacking prior to the 8 months of unplanned growth.”

Having helped lots of clients manage growth, save money and increase profits, it’s time to do the same for PCH, further developing the capacity, resources and associate support as the business grows in 2021. Thank you to everyone that has contributed to PCH this year and to the growing PCH family of clients, best wishes and fingers crossed for a more stable 2021.

If you would like a discussion about helping you as the business owner with your organisation, help you overcome that sense of overwhelm and fatigue, with a structured logical plan to make change and improve profits, then get in touch.



Paul Holmes

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