Could working with a partner organisation help your business?

Paul Holmes
3 min readMar 24, 2020

In late 2018 whilst beginning to work with Cirencester Growth Hub, a suggestion that the PCH offer may be too broad and a little unclear in its focus, was a catalyst to significant change and the start of a fantastic relationship with the team.

That focus became

Working with small businesses to help them grow

Working with overwhelmed business leaders to help them stop firefighting and become strategic.

Last year the engagement expanded to sold out days at all three Hubs in Gloucestershire, raising PCH’s profile and an invitation to run business sessions in Oxfordshire Growth Hub in late 2019, came as a direct result (now extended into 2020). The raised profile increasing feedback and reputation for helping businesses, led to an invitation to become an Associate Director of Inspire, working to support businesses across the South West.

Strategically working with business organisations that have their own network of customers, partners, marketing functions and a willingness to celebrate success is a fantastic way to build your reputation, get feedback and hone your business offer. Showcasing what your company does directly with companies who need the service, is a great way to show just how it works for real and what you can help them to achieve as a result.

“Paul has been working with Tewkesbury Growth Hub over the last year, providing incredibly popular 1–2–1 business support sessions to our clients. He has a great skill in helping clients take a focused approach to developing their business ideas, using his breadth of knowledge spanning all sectors. The sessions always receive excellent feedback from businesses and the sessions are regularly booked out with a waiting list for places”

–Katie Power — Growth Hub Manager Tewkesbury

For me working with more than 100 small businesses through the growth hubs has been amazing, the results of the 1:2:1 sessions have been inspiring. One-hour intense sessions to dig into the business, the model, the challenges and the planned goals has been exhilarating, with most owners buzzing with new ideas, confidence and possibilities as they leave, as well as clearer plan for their next steps.

Increasing profitability, efficiency, turnover, stability and structure, is always so personally exciting to see. However delivery can be complex as it varies from business to business, often with limited chance to prepare. It’s a very live test of capability, knowledge and experience, right there in the room with whatever the business throws at you.

Strategically sending owners buzzing with new ideas, grinning with possibilities and excitement out into the world and talking about what they have learned and experienced, has been an amazing marketing tool, as they can capture the passion and excitement better than I can in print. The impact and growth for PCH has been great and it will continue in 2020, with more sessions already underway.

Could your business benefit from working with strategic partners or would you like to find out if one of the exciting FREE review sessions could kick start your business in 2020, then get in touch.



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